Boy’s Red | Arnold's Gymnastics

Boy’s Red

(Class Length: 1 hour 25 min class)

Boy’s Red is our intermediate boy’s class. Entry is dependent upon a combination of skill, strength and ability to take and make corrections, and must be approved by Coach Paul before signing up. We introduce back handsprings and begin front tucks on floor. Boys will also perfect body shapes introduced in Boy’s Blue and must master back handsprings, 2+ second handstand hold, and be able to complete their age in chin ups before being considered for our advanced boy’s class. A typical Boy’s Red class will look like this:

Warm Up- A cardio focused warm up designed to raise the heart rate

Stretch- Flexibility focused stretch led by instructor. As boys progress, flexibility will become more important and stretch workouts will reflect that.

Gymnastics Instruction- Boy’s will go to each event for between 15 & 20 minutes each and focus on both intermediate skills and move up skills for our Advanced Boy’s Class (Yellow)

Conditioning- While conditioning will be introduced in our beginner classes it will be a main component of Boy’s intermediate and advanced classes. This conditioning will include sit ups, push-ups, chin ups, etc.

Schedule below for 2023-2024 School Year

Date Time
Monday 4:00pm