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The 2018-2019 school year is based on a 38 week plan. Tuition is determined by assuming 38 weeks in the 10 month year. Vacations and Holidays have already been deducted from the tuition fees and will not be made up.

Classes will begin on Tuesday September 4, 2018.

Holidays & vacations when AGA is closed:

• Saturday - Monday, October 6-8
Columbus Day weekend               

• Wednesday - Sunday, November 21-25
Thanksgiving weekend                   

• Monday December 24th-Tuesday, January 1st
Winter recess      

• Monday-Sunday, February 18-24
February recess            

• Monday - Sunday, April 15-21
April recess          

• Saturday - Monday, May 25-27
Memorial Day weekend   


Please remember that these days were already considered when we set up our tuition prices, therefore, your monthly tuition will be the same each month throughout the year. Missed classes cannot be used to discount tuition.

When you sign-up for classes we assume you are signing up for classes through June. If you wish to discontinue classes at any time, a two week written notice is required. (see Withdrawal Policy)

Tuition Information

There is a non-refundable registration fee due annually in the anniversary month of your child’s initial registration. The registration fee is $40/first student; $50.00 family cap.

This year there is a choice of two different payment plans.

Payment Plan One*: Two equal payments, due in August and again in February, with a savings of 5%.

Class length 2 payments +1 registration fee
45 minute $294.50 + $40
55 minute (preschool) $351.50 + $40
55 minute (school age) $361 + $40
1 hour 25 minute $484.50 + $40
1 hour 55 minute $570 + $40

* FYI:  You will not receive this discount if your payment is not made by September 23rd (1st half year) or February 17th (2nd half year).

Payment Plan Two: Ten monthly payments due on the first class of each month. 

Class length Monthly +1 registration fee
45 minute $62

+ $40

55 minute (preschool) $74 + $40
55 minute (school age) $76 + $40
1 hour 25 minute $102 + $40
1 hour 55 minute $120 + $40



Family Tuition Discounts       

2nd “immediate” family members will receive a $5.00 discount each month

3rd “immediate” family members will receive a $10.00 discount each month

Any student that takes a second class will receive a $10.00 discount each month


Registration Sign-up Policy

If registering on or before July 31st, a $25 non-refundable deposit will hold your child’s spot in a specific class. After August 1st, your first tuition payment is due when you register.


Make-Up Policy

In the event of an absence you must call prior to your child’s scheduled class. This notice is required if you want to schedule a make-up lesson. Otherwise you will forfeit your make-up lesson.

Only one make-up per month is allowed

Your child’s scheduled make-up must be completed within thirty (30) days of the missed lesson.

Make-up classes can be scheduled in another class as long as there is space available. You must sign up for make-up classes in the office at least one day prior to your make-up day. Only students who have scheduled make-ups ahead of time will be allowed to participate.

24-hour notice is required in order to reschedule a make-up class or it will be forfeited and may not be rescheduled.

Missed make-up classes will be forfeited and may not be used to discount tuition.

If your child discontinues the program before June, make-up classes must be taken within one week of your child’s last paid scheduled class.

Snow days will not be made up. Check our Facebook page or call to see if we have closed due to snow.


Withdrawal Policy

Should you find it necessary to withdraw your child from AGA it is your responsibility to notify the office in writing two weeks prior to your last class.

A drop slip must be signed and dated to complete your official withdrawal from our program. You are responsible for payments until this form is received.

If your child is no longer continuing the program, make-up classes must be taken within one week of your child’s last paid scheduled class.

Returned Check Fee

A bank fee of $20.00 will be charged for any returned or re-deposited checks. If the check does not clear the second time it is deposited, an additional $10.00 fee will be charged.


*Pricing subject to change without notification.