Red | Arnold's Gymnastics


Our Red class is our intermediate class and is 1.5 hours in length. By our Red class most students are well versed in gymnastics beginner skills and vocabulary and are now focusing on body awareness and muscle control. Some of the skills your gymnast would be working on may include backwalk overs, front hip circles and back handsprings with guided instruction. A typical Red class format could look like this:

Warmup- Cardi focused, and usually includes running, jumping, etc. Followed by a group stretch 

Events- Children will be broken up into smaller groups of 7 to 8 and will go to each event (bars, beam, floor and vault) for about 15 minutes each

Conditioning- Children will do excercises desgined to strengthen gymnasts, including sit ups and push ups etc. 

*In order to move to our next level (Yellow) your gymnast must demostrate competancy in their front hip circle, back walk over and backhandspring with guided instruction 

Schedule below for 2023-2024 School Year