Boy’s Yellow | Arnold's Gymnastics

Boy’s Yellow

(Class Length: 1 hour 55 min class)

Boy’s Yellow is our advanced 2 hour Boy’s Class. Boys will increase their tumbling to double back handsprings, learn back tucks, front handsprings and introduction to parkour-like flips off walls. The boys will also learn the Level 4 USAG Men’s Routine in preparation for competitive gymnastics. Boy’s Yellow is an invitation only class and boys must be evaluated by Coach Paul before they can sign up. A typical Boy’s Yellow class will look like this:

Warm Up- A cardio focused warm up designed to raise the heart rate

Stretch- Flexibility focused stretch led by instructor. As boys progress, flexibility will become more important and stretch workouts will reflect that.

Gymnastics Instruction- Boy’s will go to each event to work advanced Boy’s skills that would prepare them for competition.

Conditioning- While conditioning will be introduced in our beginner classes it will be a main component of Boy’s intermediate and advanced classes. This conditioning will include sit ups, push-ups, chin ups, etc. and more time will be devoted to muscle conditioning as boys progress.

Date Time
Monday 6:30 pm