Yellow | Arnold's Gymnastics


Our Yellow class is our advances class at Arnold's Gymnastics and runs for 2 hours. By Yellow our students have shown dedication to physical fitness and are trying to perfect both body awareness and muscle control. Some of the skills your gymnast would work on could include round off backhandspring, front handspring, front hip cirlces and windmills. A typical format for a Yellow class might look like this:

Warmup- Cardi focused, and usually includes running, jumping, etc. Followed by a group stretch 

Events- Gymnasts will be broken up into smaller groups of 7 to 8 and will go to events (bars, beam, floor and vault) for about 20 minutes each

Conditioning- Gymnasts will do excercises desgined to strengthen important muscle groups, including sit ups and push ups etc. These excercises are specifically chosen to help the gymnasts achieve new skills 

**Prep Team is offered to Yellow students as a second class ONLY. This is a competition team. The gymnasts will learn routines to be performed in one or two competitions throughout the year. This class is a great addition for Yellows that still need to work on some skills but really want to compete and be a part of team. 

Schedule below for 2023-2024 School Year